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Summer school “Sustainable Construction – from Traditions to Innovations” from August 19 till August 30 August, 2018 in the capital of Latvia – Riga.

The summer school «Sustainable Construction» is organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and International Relations Department of RTU in cooperation with the Department of Civil Engineering (DICIV) and the Department of Information and Electric Engineering and Applied Mathemathics (DIEM) of the University of Salerno (UNISA), and enterprise «Knauf».

Within the summer school students will attend lectures of scientists in the fields of civil engineering, architecture and physics. Seminars will cover topics like preparation of scientific publications and practical implementation of sustainable construction principles. Students will visit several enterprises and construction projects, for example, National Library of Latvia, ongoing projects in RTU Campus and industrial enterprises like «Knauf» and Latvian Wood Construction Cluster.

The participation fee is EUR 700. Based on the evaluation of the application documents, participant with the most outstanding results will receive a discount for covering participation fee.

deadline for submitting the application: May 18, 2018.

The application form can be downloaded at

For more detailed information please visit our website (  and find enclosed a brochure.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or your students have questions about these summer schools via email at